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Dedicated Servers

Reliable. Fast. Secure. Flexible. Powerful. Ask our customers to describe Versaweb Dedicated Server Hosting, and those are the answers you will get. Our dedicated hosting plans can be fully customized to give you the processing and storage resources you need, at a price that won't break your budget.


Do you already have a server of your own, but need a great datacenter to host it for you? If so, Server Colocation at Versaweb is the solution you need. You provide the servers, we provide the rack space, conditioned power, and a connection to our world-class network, all at an affordable price.

Managed Data Backup

Is your server safe from data loss? When was the last time you backed up your critical data? At Versaweb, we understand just how important your data is, so we have partnered with R1Soft - the leader in Continuous Data Protection backups - to provide our customers with the ultimate backup solution.